Activity 4: Archive your research

Research publications and underlying research data can often be shared in free open repositories. Copies of journal articles are often shared in open repositories as well as being published in the academic journals themselves (subject to licence agreements). Some repositories hold publications only, whereas others hold data as well as publications. Learn how to share and archive your research outputs in easy steps:

  • Explore a publications repository. Go to EOSC Synergy Spanish Landscaping Report at DIGITAL.CSIC, the online open access repository of research produced by the Spanish National Research Council. Check out the details and download the report. Notice the Description shows a Creative Commons licence showing the report can be shared with attribution.

  • Explore data and publications repositories. Go to the generic data repositories, such as Zenodo, OSF or Figshare and explore their collections. Notice that in Zenodo, for example, you will see the type of resource deposited (Publication, Report, Dataset, Software etc).

  • Upload to a repository. Choose a recent paper, poster or presentation of your own and create a digital object identifier (DOI) by publishing in a repository of your choice. You will need to register to deposit.

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