• Hackathon Manager


    • If you are a manager, you will see this control panel with three tabs. The first one, “Managed”, is the most important one, since it contains your owned events. The other two tabs are for participating in other events, because with your manager account you can also participate in events organised by others. You can create a new hackathon clicking in the “Add hackathon” button:

    • You have two options here. You can set up your hackathon infrastructure in your own resources within the different providers available, or you can use the provided ones at BIFI-UNIZAR computing center.

    • If you have your own resources, these are the parameters you have to fill: name, period of time in which the event will take place, joining mode for participants (moderated or by invitation), and infrastructure parameters that will depend on the provider.

    • If you want to use the BIFI-UNIZAR resources, the hackathon parameters you have to fill the same, but the infrastructure parameters are simpler:

    • Note that you can add instructions for participants in which you can describe how to access external resources such as datasets or APIs needed for the event. This field accepts markdown language, so you can include images, links, etc., and the participant will be able to see them.

    • You can manage your event participants using these two buttons depending on the joining mode selected when created:

    • If you have defined the joining mode as “moderated”, all participants will be able to see your event and request to participate. You will receive requests in an inbox and you will be able to accept or reject it:

    • On the other hand, if you have defined your hackathon as “By invitation”, participants will be only able to participate in your event if you invite them:

    • If you invite a user that has no account in the platform, an email will be sent to him so he can register, and the new account he creates will receive your invitation.

    • Participants will be able to send their results, and as manager, you will be able to evaluate them entering the score you want:

    • As manager you can also see event stats, and the ranking of participants based on your evaluations:


    • If you are a participant, you will see this screen that has two tabs. The first one, “Participated”, shows the hackathons in which you already participate, you have requested to participate, or you have been invited. The second one, “Other”, contains public events to which you can request participation.

    • Once you are participating, you can deploy your assigned infrastructure clicking the “Play” button. A new screen will appear in which you can deploy the VMs, and once they are deployed, the credentials to access them will automatically appear. In this screen you will see also, if the organiser has provided them, instructions for the event and for accessing external resources such as datasets, APIs, etc., if needed.

    • As a participant, you can send your results to be evaluated by organisers clicking the “Tick” button. A new screen will appear in which you can include explanations of the work carried out. Markdown language is supported, so you can add links to the webs, APIs, and files created, show images, and so on.