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    Welcome to the course!

    In this course, you will be introduced to Open Science and related initiatives, such as the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and FAIR principles. By watching a series of recorded videos by experienced professionals from the field, you will be up to speed with innovative services and research data management approaches to help you do better research.

    Please make sure you enrol in the course to
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    The course consists of eight modules: 

    1. What is Open Science?

    2. What is European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)?

    3. EOSC in practice: EOSC Synergy

    4. EOSC in practice: Facilitating software quality assurance across EOSC services 

    5. EOSC in practice: Integrating resources into EOSC 

    6. Introduction to research data management

    7. FAIR principles

    8. Data management plans

    By the end of this course you will:

    1. Have a basic understanding of EOSC and Open Science in relation to the EOSC Synergy project.

    2. Be familiar with key concepts and practical tools for FAIR data and data management.

    3. Be aware of best practices in research data management and practical tools.

    As these modules are introductory, you can choose to follow all of them or pick the ones that are most relevant to you.  

    Each module takes on average 30 minutes to complete, requiring around 4 hours to complete the entire course. Next to recorded video presentations, you will have full scripts, PowerPoint presentations and a number of learning activities and online resources to guide your learning.  

    Good luck!

    EOSC Synergy's Learning and Skills Team