• Enrolment eduTEAMS

    Registering as a new user on the eduTEAMS Service

    To get started with eduTEAMS, all users, regardless of their role, need to register on the eduTEAMS Service at https://www.eduteams.org/#join

    Registration to eduTEAMS

    When you click the “JOIN” button, you will be presented with a screen on which you will have to select your organisation’s Identity Provider where you will be authenticated. If your organisation is not listed, you might want to search/choose “ORCID” or “Google”.

    Registration eduTEAMS step 2

    You will be redirected to the Identity Provider you have selected. After you have been successfully authenticated, you will be redirected to the eduTEAMS Registration Form, where you have to fill in the data. The fields Name and E-mail are pre-filled, based on your account attributes. The field Username should be added and will be used as eduTEAMS nickname.

    Registration to eduTEAMS step 3

    Read carefully the Acceptable Usage Policy. To register on eduTEAMS Service you have to click on the “I agree” checkbox and on the “Submit” button.

    Register to eduTEAMS step 4

    Congratulations! You have successfully registered on the eduTEAMS Service. Click on the “Continue” button and you will be redirected to your eduTEAMS Profile page. You can access your profile page on the eduTEAMS Service at any time by visiting https://mms.eduteams.org/profile/

    Registration eduTEAMS step 5

    Now, you are registered on the eduTEAMS Service, but to access the LAGO services you must also join some group in the LAGO Virtual Organization.

    Go to the latest version on GitHub here: How to Join the LAGO Virtual Organisation

    This section is copied from the work of Christos Kanellopoulos from eduTEAMs (link)

    Go to the latest version on GitHub here: How to Login into the LAGO data repositories