• LAGO Thematic Service

    The LAGO Thematic Service (within the context of the European project EOSC SYNERGY) has mainly consisted of the integration of different resources to process, analyze and simulate data from the LAGO and pretends to enable the long-term standardized use of the generated data within and outside the LAGO collaboration through a Virtual Observatory. Before EOSC SYNERGY, the LAGO researchers made their private computations and arbitrarily uploaded the results to a rSync/sFTP server.


    The current service allows to:

    • use of datasets generated within the LAGO Collaboration for sharing, curating, and re-using (in DataHub), and publishing the results (in B2FIND). Everything is according to a Data Management Plan (DPM) designed for the project;
    • construct and use standardized dockers containing the necessary tools and store the results on DataHub;
    • link metadata based on a profile of DCAT2-AP (EU recommendation) in JSON-LD,
    • benefit from EOSC available computational resources.