• Welcome

    Welcome to the LAGO Thematic Service course!!!

    To fully enjoy your participation you should have the necessary background and understanding of the physics behind the calculations (e.g., astroparticle physics or any other related field).

    By the end of this training you will:

    • Be familiar with the architecture of EOSC, the LAGO services within the EOSC-SYNERGY framework, and the Data Management Plan (DMP) of the project.

    • Be able to access the services and request computational resources from EOSC.

    • Build your virtual environment and the containers with the necessary tools for your computations.

    • Run calculations and store any result on the DataHub.

    • Generate standardized results and, access and re-use data from other researchers increasing your collaboration opportunities.

    • Understand the metadata you are generating and, therefore, the data of others.

    The course is divided into main sections that you should follow in the presented order. After some of the sections, you will have to fill a test/questionnaire to check your competence.