• Content and resources

    Content and resources

    As well as defining the topics and scope of your course, there are many practical issues to think about in the planning stages: 


    This can be a rough outline at this stage as you will think about this in more detail in the Design stage. What topics and sub-topics will you cover? Referring back to your learning outcomes should help focus content.  

    Content reduction is a challenge - try to reduce it to the key points. What do learners really need to know as opposed to what is ‘nice’ to know? Be open about what you won’t cover as well as what you will. 

    Tip! You may prefer to create a more detailed list or curriculum of topics to cover at this stage. That’s absolutely fine. You could do this on the form or create a separate list at the end. Remember that listing the topics you want to cover is not the same as designing your training. Your design will describe how you will deliver the topics listed to meet the learning outcomes you have set.

    Delivery method: 

    Online courses can be delivered in a range of ways. Will you deliver live sessions or is this only self-learning? A mix? Think about how many sessions and what length? You may not have a choice in some of these areas depending on the constraints you have. 

    Materials to re-use: 

    What are the materials you will re-use? This could be existing presentations, documentation, videos or quizzes. You can save time by reusing other materials, but make sure you keep track of the material you have re-used in order to give credit! 


    When do you plan to release the training? Make sure you allow enough time to develop content and plan testing.

    Who will develop and deliver? 

    Do you have the right skills or will you need support? Where will you get support?

    Software, tools, infrastructure required: 

    This might be to deliver your course (eg a webinar tool) or for learner activities (eg collaboration, live coding). Note that you may decide to use additional tools once you’ve designed your activities.

    Do you want others to re-use your material?
    How? Material can be shared in different stages/shape and may need to be in particular formats depending on where it will be reused.

    Optional activity

    Create a curriculum - brainstorm topics and arrange by theme (SSHOC training?)