• Pre-requisites


    Is there any knowledge that is useful / required? Are there any courses that it would be useful to complete beforehand? Are there any equipment or access needs? 

    It’s better for both you and the trainees for you to be as clear as possible - it helps manage expectations and makes the training run more smoothly. 

    The examples below will help you think about what's needed for your own course. 


    ORION train the trainer course

    EC3 Elastic Cloud Computing:
    • The course is aimed at beginners, so no experience is required. However, a basic understanding of scientific computing and distributed computing concepts is recommended.
    • To cover the whole course contents, it is recommended to have experience in using linux terminals such as bash. Don’t worry if you don’t have it, you can cover the first part of the course, and learn how to use EC3 from the Graphical User Interface (GUI).
    • To access EOSC Synergy resources, the student will need: