• 1. Analyse your training needs

    Initial training analysis

    Why analyse? Illustration of the ADDIE model as a circular flowchart emphasising to start at analysis stage rather than development

    Before you start creating your training materials, it’s essential think about why you want to run the training, and to consider the audience and learning outcomes. It is also a good idea to think about practical issues at this stage, such as timing and resources available. Areas to consider include:

    • Your overall aim and training objective(s) 
    • Audience and pre-requisites
    • Learning outcomes
    • Topics to cover 
    • Delivery methods 
    • Timescale and resources required 

    The analysis stage can save you time and make sure you’ve thought through various issues that can affect the success or failure of any training you run. It will also help you develop an action plan for your training.

    The video you watched earlier explains why each stage of the process is important. If you haven’t watched it, please do so now (20 mins). But we’ll recap some of the key points as you work through the form. 

    We have created a training analysis form to guide you through this process. 

    Download the form now - you can fill it in as you work through the course or wait until 'Your turn' at the end of this section. There is also an example form which has been filled in which you may find useful as a reference.