• Summary


    You have now finished this course and hopefully you are now well on the way to finishing creating your own online course. Continue to use the content in this course as a reference. 

    Course summary checklist

    These are key questions below can act as a checklist for you as you continue your development:  

    1. Do you have a clear idea of your topic, goals and learning outcomes? 

    2. Have you considered your audience and the prerequisites for the course? 

    3. Have you thought about design and checked that your learning activities deliver your learning outcomes? 

    4. How will you know learners have achieved the learning outcomes? 

    5. Have you identified existing content to reuse and content you need to create?  

    6. Have you considered the balance between online/face-to-face, synchronous / asynchronous, Independent/supported?

    7. Have you thought about practical issues such as resources, timescale, technical requirements (such as software/hardware required)? 

    8. What evidence can you use to show your training has achieved its goals?  

    9. Have you chosen a variety of activities to make the course engaging?  

    10. Have you tested your course with colleagues and potential users?

    11. Have you made your materials as FAIR as possible so others can find, use and reuse your materials?

    12. Have you chosen an appropriate licence for your materials?

    13. Are your materials accessible / inclusive?

    14. Have you checked your writing to ensure it can be read easily online? 

    15. Have you kept track of any existing resources you’ve used and credited these? 

    16. Do you have backup copies of your course content?