• Using Synergy Learn's Moodle platform

    Using the Synergy Moodle platform

    1. Create an account. If you haven't already done this you will need to login to the Synergy Moodle platform. See the guide on how to create an account

    1. Contact Mateusz Krzyzanek to create a course - he will discuss with you how to create a course - he might do this for you or ask you to do this yourself. If you are doing this yourself, create a new course using the Synergy template:

      1. Under Course categories go to the Course templates category.

      2. Select the Synergy base template.

      3. In the top right corner, there is a gear icon. Inside there is ‘copy a course’ option

      4. Adjust settings (where this course should be copied to).

    1. Use the Template provided. Instructions are embedded within the template or alternatively you can visit the Synergy user guide. Moodle also has very good user guides  

    1. First steps are to provide a course name, short name, description (to display on course listing) and course image. 

    Getting help

    If you need help with using Moodle please contact Mateusz Krzyzanek or Helen Clare

    Moodle's own help pages are very clear and comprehensive so you could try using Moodle Documentation