• Storyboarding


    A storyboard is a visual representation of the journey your learner takes to reach the learning outcomes. It allows you to build the ‘scaffold’ for learning and include the different learning activity types you explored in the previous section. 

    You can map out your storyboard in different ways - this is down to your preference. The original ABC-LD method used learning type cards and paper to build storyboard as part of a workshop, a great way of working as a team to develop courses. It can be used to develop different types of teaching and training: online only, face-to-face or hybrid / blended. 

    Watch this 4 minute introduction to the method:


    Important! It doesn’t matter which tool you use to create your storyboard. Following the learning design approach is the key to success.  

    Storyboarding methodsA storyboard created using a whiteboard

    Take some time to think about different methods of storyboarding, decide which one you want to try and then move to Your turn. 

    • PowerPoint - using slides as the building blocks for your storyboard provides a flexible way of building a storyboard, as the slides can be easily moved. 
    • Online whiteboards such as Mural or Miro
    • Use a simple document in a table structure, such as our design form
    • Post-it notes, flipcharts or real-life whiteboards!