• Deploying the service through the Infrastructure Manager

    If you are not an INSTRUCT user you cannot request the deployment through the cryoem.instruct-eric.eu Virtual Organization but you can deploy the service yourself using your own cloud resources.

    There are different options for this: 

    1. you can request access to one Virtual Organization that has signed an agreement with one or more cloud sites from the EOSC cloud infrastructure.
    2. You can use your own OpenStack infrastructure.
    3. Soon you will be able to deploy on Amazon cloud (AWS).

    The following video shows how to request access to one of the existing Virtual Organizations. Another possibility is to create a new one for your research area or project but this is far more complex and goes beyond the purpose of this training.



    The next step once you have cloud resources is to go to the Infrastructure Manager on the EOSC marketplace and deploy the service as shown in the next video.



    In the next section you will learn how to access the server and how to use it.