• Requesting the service through the EOSC marketplace

    If you have been granted an INSTRUCT access project and have some electron microscopy images to process you can request the service through the EOSC marketplace.

    Please follow the instructions on the next video and learn how to do it.

    Once the order is reviewed and approved by the Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) someone will deploy the infrastructure for you and you will receive an email with the URL to access it and the password to login. You will also be informed about the hardware specifications of the infrastructure and limit time to use it. Your publickey will be required to be injected in the infrastructure to allow you to copy your data.

    The infrastructure setup has a limited time but in case you need more time you could request it sending an email to I2PC and an extension might be granted depending on the pending requests.

    In any case you will have some time to download project and results.