• The EOSC cloud infrastructure

    If you have arrived to this course you probably know what EOSC is but if you don't please watch the following short videos that will tell you what is the European Open Science Cloud and why it is so important for the research community.

    One of the core services offered in the EOSC marketplace is the EOSC cloud infrastructure which is a federation of cloud sites distributed along Europe. These sites offer cloud and HPC resources to the research community through what are called Virtual Organizations. A Virtual Organization is a way to group a number of users of a certain area of research that can use certain EOSC resources, such as cloud computing. In order to deploy your own EOSC cloud resources you should become member of a Virtual Organization that is supported by some federated site.

    In the next section you will learn how to deploy the ScipionCloud service from the EOSC marketplace and what requirements you need in terms of Virtual Organizations enrollment.