• Overview

    Welcome to the EC3 training program!

    This course aims to teach the potential user on how to use the Elastic Cloud Computing Cluster (EC3) tool, and also explains the related concepts where EC3 is focused. The materials are divided in several topics, so the students can go in depth with the contents depending on their needs. The course will include some practical examples, taken from real use cases, that can be followed to test the tool.

    By the end of this course you will:

    • Have gained a basic understanding of cloud computing, virtualization and configuration tools such as Ansible.

    • Be familiar with key concepts of EC3.

    • Be familiar with the automatic elasticity management.

    • Able to use the EC3 service with simple examples.

    • Have the ability to create new application descriptions to be used with EC3.

    • Study a real example of use: the SAPS thematic service of EOSC Synergy.

    The course is divided into several sections that you should follow in order. At the end of some sections, you will have to go through a brief questionnaire to check your understanding and receive automatic feedback.

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