• JePL

    JePL, a Jenkins pipeline library with common functionalities for CI/CD environments, mainly targeted for the implementation of the SQA baseline requirements, is a straightforward way for software projects to be compliant with common SQA practices.

    In particular, the library provides the functionality to cover as much criteria as possible from the Software and Service quality baselines below:

    The SQA requirements are defined through a YAML-based configuration file that hides the complexity of handling directly the Jenkins Pipeline as Code's features. As a result, the SQA work, as defined in the YAML file config.yml, is organized according to the criteria code names from the aforementioned baselines.

    As an example, qc_style setting in the YAML is a direct reference to the QC.Sty criteria in the previous software quality baseline, which establishes the good practices that the source code shall follow in terms of style. The following example runs flake8 to check style consistency in a Python project:

        container: python-test-tools
          - flake8

    As it can be seen in the example, the library provides the container option as a way to specify the agent where the check will run. In the current version, the library supports Docker Compose as the container orchestration tool to fire up the required set of services. In this example, the python-test-tools is the identifier of a Docker Compose service.

    You can check a full working example here

    In order to get started with the library, please check our documentation or go to the next pages.