• Appendix A

    Launching VM with OpenStack

    Kubernetes and Infrastructure Manager are really flexible and powerful tools, but sometimes you only need a simple server which you want to set up more manually.

    In such cases, or just to edit a cluster in a more granular way, we need to access the cloud provider dashboard. This example is performed in the context of EOSC Synergy and using dashboard.fedcloud to access all available cloud providers. In the dashboard, select your cloud provider chosen at step 2 and 3 to check-in using your EGI credentials.

    Figure 1. Openstack dashboard at dashboard.fedcloud

    In this panel, you can access multiple tools to configure your virtual machines. You can create and add more nodes, volumes, change your IP and a lot more. Access this Openstack Dashboard Tutorial to learn the basics of Openstack.

    To trigger an instance, navigate to “Project” > “Compute” > “Instances” and click on “Launch Instance”. A new instance form will popup to request the features of your new virtual machine.

    Figure 2. Openstack instances panel