• Step 2

    Choose the cloud provider for your service

    Nowadays it is possible to find multiple cloud providers to host our services. However at the same time (and specially at EOSC) the hardware used to run their solutions might be so different that might end up with an impact in our service. Of course we always use the provider that offers us the most economical or performant service. 

    To do so we will use the tool EOSC Performance, a web platform where you can find multiple benchmark results from multiple providers so you can evaluate where you want to run your service. The database is free to access (Check-in is needed to publish data) therefore we only need to navigate to the main page (click here) and introduce the terms of our search and diagram to display.

    Figure 1. Filter and plot panel for benchmark results

    Once we apply the filter, a list of benchmarks will be displayed. Use the selection buttons to add or remove results from the graph.

    Figure 2. Benchmark comparison example

    From figure 2 we can see that the server ForHLR2 performs generally better than IFCA-LCG2. However the difference is not so big for 2 gpus, so depending on the offers and our service requirements we can make the best decision.