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    Welcome to the course! 

    This is an introductory level course targeted at professionals working in research data support roles or individuals with a research background considering a change to a data support role. In this course you will learn the skills and gain knowledge of how to be a successful data steward. Five self-paced modules prepared by a team of international experts will guide you step by step through relevant topics for your daily work. By watching a series of recorded videos and completing practical assignments, you will be up to speed with data stewardship skills to help you guide researchers. 

    Please make sure you enrol in the course to take quizzes and participate in forums. You can do so by clicking on the settings sign at the top right corner of the screen and selecting "enrol me in this course". After completing each activity, tick off the square boxes to track your progress.

    The course consists of the following modules:Image shows the 5 modules in the course

    1. RDM, FAIR and open science
    1.1. The role of a data steward  
    1.2. How FAIR aware are you? 
    2. Responsible and open research
    3. Design training in easy steps  
    4. Data management plans 
    5. RDM service delivery

    By the end of this course you will:

    • Be able to explain the difference between FAIR and Open Data to researchers.
    • Be able to develop training courses using open learning resources.
    • Understand the range of skills and knowledge associated with data stewardship.
    • Be able to identify areas where collaboration on service provision is most beneficial.

    All five modules are introductory and you can choose to follow them all or pick the ones that are most relevant to you. Each module takes on average one hour to complete, requiring around five to six hours to complete the entire course. Next to recorded video presentations, you will have full scripts, PowerPoint presentations and a number of learning activities and online resources to guide your learning. 

    This course has been developed in collaboration with the FAIRsFAIR and EOSC Synergy projects and has been adapted from the Data Steward Instructor Training Workshops run throughout 2020 and 2021. The purpose of the workshops was to support the development of data stewardship skills among staff in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and other research performing organisations.

    If you have any suggestions or feedback relating to the course, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@fairsfair.eu. If you experience technical issues with the site please contact the site administrator.

    Good luck!

    FAIRsFAIR and EOSC Synergy Teams